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Easily create QR Codes and Barcodes for your advertising or marketing campaign.

Track interractions with your customers using our easy to use QR Code statistics interface.

QR Codes are a great way to interract with your customers, direct them to your latest deals, an offer page, or anything you want. If your link or content changes, update the QR Code link in your account. No need to re-print your advertising campaign.

This is why we came up with BarcodeLinks.com, manage your Barcode Links easily through your account. While your account is active, you can update your QR code links and track your statistics.

We have three user accounts to suit your needs:

  1. Free Starter Account - Perfect to see how our barcode generator works. Generate free barcodes and use them in your advertising campaign. The barcodes and QR codes do not expire. So you can generate the QR codes and create your marketing medias knowing that you can update your links at any time.
  2. Intermediate Plan - When you want statistics and more flexability with your QR Codes. Use the generated codes in your marketing materials and see who is interracting and where they are located. Activate, deactivate and update your links anytime you want.
  3. Professional Plan - Great for when you are managing a lot of barcodes and need to generate many barcodes for many different uses.

Signup today and get started. Any problems, get in contact with us and we will help you with any questions.